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Discover the value behind your life insurance policy
You’ve built equity in your life insurance policy and that policy is your property. You have the power to decide how the policy should be used for you and your family. 

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Russell Brunson
Life settlements can help.
Say goodbye to your old life insurance policy and hello to financial freedom.

Deciding to choose the life settlement option is a legitimate and reliable choice to create financial options for your future.
About SFS

SFS Life Settlements has been helping seniors and their advisors in the Life Settlement market since 2006. With every client our goal is simple: to educate and help them make a decision as to whether or not a life settlement is right for them. We accomplish this through our internal evaluation of the policy combined with a comprehensive network of over 40 Life Settlement Providers and funders.


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This is the total current annual amount paid out to life insurance policy owners in recent years
More than 100 people submit information for a life settlement evaluation every day!

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